Youth Services Center, Allen County


11805 Lima Road

Fort Wayne, Indiana 46818

Main office door is number 2 

Days Participating: July 20 & August 1

Open House Contact: Chris Dunn;


Services provided: Emergency Shelter

The Youth Services Center of Allen County was established in 1979 by the Welfare Department (now referred to as the Indiana Department of Child Services). This 25-bed, state-licensed facility provides a non-secure emergency shelter care setting for boys and girls from ages six to eighteen. Serving referrals with an extreme range of social, emotional, and behavioral problems, the facility offers a stable, supportive environment for the child. The maximum length of stay is 20 days unless approval for an extension is obtained from the Indiana Department of Child Services. A structured daily living format provides quality residential care. Medical needs are reviewed and treatment is provided or obtained by the center’s registered nurse and contracted physician. Educational needs are coordinated through the school of origin and placing agency. The youth attend their school daily or complete work from the home school in the YSC classroom with assistance from a licensed teacher provided by Northwest Allen County Schools. A behavioral management system is set up which rewards positive, appropriate behaviors. Cooperative group living skills are addressed and implemented daily through trained youth care workers. With referrals from the placing agency, and in collaboration with other social service organizations, mental health assessments and psychological evaluations are completed. Behavioral observations while in shelter care are documented and social histories are compiled. YSC works with ancillary organizations providing services to the residents and supports engagement with families. The Youth Services Center exists to meet the needs of youths experiencing abuse, neglect, and delinquency problems. A high priority is placed on minimizing the trauma of their present situation by offering a positive, stable environment and helping them to address the realities of their immediate future with hope and encouragement.